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Fibre Lining

Of Gunite Pools

Boland Pools & Spa's CC specializes in fibreglass linings which gives that old tired swimming pool in your garden a new lease of life, not to mention adding value to your property.

When installing Fibreglass linings into existing fibreglass pools and gunite pools conditions vary so much from site to site and from pool to pool. This means that there is a lot that needs to be catered for otherwise the job could be compromised.

The weather and temperature have a lot to do with the proportions of the resins that have to be mixed when installing fibreglass linings.

Therefore, these tasks need to be carried out by well-trained laminators who know what they are doing. If this is not done the fibreglass lining could get the “black plague” at a later stage, mixing with a stick is not good enough. If these factors are not taken into account it could lead to major problems with the fibreglass lining down the line.

Our professional, well trained staff have seen it all and are at the top of their game when it comes to fibreglass linings and being able to attend to the many unexpected issues that arise, such as, ground water seeping through the structure and loose marble plaster.

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"I wanted to thank you so very much for our gorgeous pool! It has been a pleasure from start to finish and we are so very grateful that we went with Boland Pools. You more than delivered on what you promised and your team were excellent. Thanks once again and if you ever need anyone to sing your praises to a potential client, give us a call! Keep well, Catherine"